BB couture was born from the creative minds of mother and daughter: Barbra and Giulia.
Barbra, with years of experience in fashion, brings her deep knowledge of fabrics and products.
At the fresh age of 20, Giulia offers innovative ideas. Their shared passion for fashion led to the creation of BB Couture.
BB Couture focuses on feminine designs, reimagining fur with an eco-friendly twist.
These pieces are crafted for women who want to stand out but remain environmentally conscious—the idea of color springs from a vision of positivity.
Positivity is made of light and colors, so we create bright garments to illuminate the women who wish to showcase their beauty.
Our choice of materials is rooted in research from the Prato textile district, the birthplace of our “pelliccetta” fur.
Our suppliers are industry leaders. We use polyester, polyamides, viscose, and regenerated wool for our main garments and eco-leather and cotton for the linings.
As we primarily work with synthetics, we ensure they are of the highest quality in fiber, colors, and texture. We always consider how our garments will feel when worn and the sensations they should evoke.
To guarantee craftsmanship, we collaborate with expert Italian furriers, as our furs are individually cut and stitched on specialized fur machines, not flat sewing machines. The
meticulous attention to detail sets our finished garments apart.
We cater to women who desire to be noticed while maintaining elegance and class.
That’s why every BB Couture fur is unique.


For more information and custom-made garments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at e-mail: