It was born from an idea of ​​mother and daughter, Barbra and Giulia.
Barbra, with many years of experience in the fashion field brings knowledge of the fabric and the product.
Giulia, with the freshness of 20 years offers innovative ideas. The passion for fashion that unites them has led to BB couture.
A line aimed entirely at the Feminine, interpreting the idea of ​​fur with a new eco-sustainable concept, creating garments that can wear the woman who wants to appear but remaining ecological.
The idea of ​​color was born from a vision of positive thinking, and positivity is made of light and colour, therefore creating brilliant garments to give light to the woman who wants to show the beautiful side of herself.
The choice of materials comes from research in the Prato textile district where the so-called "fur" is born.
Our suppliers are leading companies in the sector. We use polyester, viscose polyamides and regenerated wool to make the bonded garments or eco-leather and cotton for the linings.
We look for materials very carefully since they are mostly synthetic fibers we must be sure that they are of high quality, for fiber, colors and texture.
Thinking about how the garment will be worn once created and the sensation it must give to those who wear it.
As far as processing is concerned, we turn to Italian laboratories of expert furriers, because our furs are all cut one by one and sewn on fur machines and not on a flat machine.
The care and attention to detail make the difference of the finished garment.
We address the woman who doesn't want to go unnoticed but is elegant and classy at the same time, and for this reason a BB fur must be unique.